Audit & Assurance

Over the years, our firm has been recognised for providing Audit and Assurance Services to Government Corporations, Private Companies, Multi-lateral Credit Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Our clientele includes large, medium and small size entities from industry such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Air transport, Security, General Merchandising, Shipping Agencies, Medical facilities & Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Communications, Fast-food franchise, Casino, Agriculture & Machinery, Entertainment, Technology, Educational Institutions and Oil and Gas Service Providers, etc

Our audits are conducted in accordance with the International Federation of Accountants Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, directly relevant to the audit of annual financial statements for companies and other organizations and in compliance with the Companies Act 1991, and such other Acts that are applicable to the clients.

Audit & Assurance Services Includes:

  1. Statutory audit of financial statements
  2. Internal audit and compliance review
  3. Specialty audit – e.g. Value for Money audits (VFM)
  4. Agreed upon Procedures
  5. Systems evaluation

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