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Based on our experience and knowledge of the tax laws, our firm is experienced to ensure that you receive professional tax services in compliance with local laws and regulations. We ensure that all deductions and allowances are claimed to ensure that maximum tax benefits are obtained.

We provide the following tax services:
1. Personal Tax Return – we prepare and lodge clients’ tax returns with Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) based on their financial statements
2. Companies Tax Return - we prepare and lodge companies’ tax returns with Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) based on their audited financial Statements
3. Capital Gains Tax – Capital gains tax is computed in accordance with the requirements of the Act
3. Employers’ Return of Employees Earnings – We prepare and lodge clients employers’ return of employees earning in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax Act
4. Compliance – We prepare and lodge clients’ application to the GRA and NIS for compliances.
5. Value Added Tax – We prepare and file clients’ monthly VAT returns with the GRA.

In addition to the forgoing tax services, we ensure the following:

1. Clients are reminded by telephone in advance of the due dates and amounts of their quarterly advance taxes payable
2. VAT clients are reminded monthly of the due date for filing their VAT returns and the amount payable
3. We respond, on behalf of clients, to correspondences received from the GRA and assist with resolving outstanding issues
4. Ensure that the clients’ taxes are paid on time
5. Update and advise clients on changes in tax laws and the potential impact on their businesses
6. Assist clients with any other tax related matters that may arise from time to time