HLB International is a leading network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers with member firms well-established locally and mostly ranked among the top 12 internationally.Founded in 1969, HLB International through its member firms, assist clients in over 130 countries, achieving an annual turnover of $ 1.91 billion, generated by more than 2,100 partners and 19,000 staff in 600 offices.


HLB member firms have extensive experience in providing high quality services to both large and small clients including public companies.


The member firms of HLB enjoy well-established practices and reputation locally, often are among the top firms competing very closely with the "Big Four". HLB International provides high quality personalized services, not only in the audit, accounting and taxation, but also in related services such as business development, due diligence etc. Member firms are well grounded in their local environment which adds to the diversity and solid background of the HLB family of firms internationally.




The aim of the Forum is to promote consistent standards of quality and high level of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. The Forum brings together firms that execute transnational audits and more deeply involved with the audit activities and other areas of security services.The Forum and IFAC work together in areas such as the establishment of standards, regulatory dialogue with the community and promoting convergence of international standards. Also, it supports the IFAC Member Body Compliance Program initiatives and developing nations to strengthen the accounting profession worldwide.Today, the Forum is made up of 17 members, among which is HLB International.


HLB coordinates with member firms to ensure that the integrity of the profession and the quality of service to clients are of the highest standard. It also carried our reviews of each firm to ensure that the international standard on quality controland the application of both audit and accounting standards issued by IFAC and IASB are followed.

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